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Sprint's Vehicle Tracking - part of the Sprint's portfolio, is a real-time tracking and reporting solution designed to meet the needs of today’s Fleet & Transport Managers through the provision of vehicle location technology, GIS mapping and comprehensive Fleet reporting.

Typical business problems Sprint Vehicle Tracking addresses include:

  • Inefficient fleet utilisation
  • Poor responsiveness to customers
  • Unproductive drivers time
  • Validation of overtime claims
  • Customer service expectations not met
  • Inefficient allocation of tasks and jobs
  • Unproductive mileage
  • Rising fleet insurance costs
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Rising driver costs
  • Driver communication costs
  • Security of drivers
  • Uncontested accident claims
  • Poor driver standards

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of all vehicle movements to aid planning and security
  • Improve customer service knowing where your fleet and drivers are at all times
  • Improves security and reduces unauthorised use of the fleet
  • Exception based reporting, real-time alerting and pre-advice / notification
  • Operational KPI’s for performance improvement & Driver debrief
  • Provides real-time visibility of POD/POC information.
  • Reduce fuel costs by targeting habitual idling, unauthorised use of vehicles & poor driving styles
  • Ensure owner operated drivers are claiming for the correct mileage / time for work carried out

Through intelligent hardware and software and configurable business rules, users are able to tailor the system to meet their specific needs and adjust these as those needs change. In line with the modular and scalable nature of the Sprint's portfolio, this core system can be built upon as required, to enhance the features for integration with back-office systems and mobile workforce.

Sprint's Vehicle Tracking combines best of breed in-vehicle hardware and software solutions to provide a truly configurable solution to meet the needs of customers worldwide* with fleets of 50 to 50,000 vehicles.

Sprint's Vehicle Tracking - Available Options

The additional options described below are available to purchase.

  • Vehicle performance monitoring (FMS CAN-bus interface required) – monitor fuel usage and driving style, use driver league tables allow for drivers to be compared against defined standards, identify drivers requiring training and reward good driving, reduce fuel & fleet maintenance costs and improve vehicle life
  • Hands-free voice communication - control drivers phone behaviour and available numbers the driver can call
  • Data messaging via driver communications module – 2 way messaging, job management, driver ID etc.
  • Panic buttons – protect drivers with panic buttons linked to tracking unit.
  • Various peripherals – including temperature monitoring interfaces, door sensors, RFID trailer ID
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