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Just as we use BlackBerry in our own business, along with six million other users world wide, it has transformed the working life of many of our clients.

BlackBerry is invaluable when travelling away from base - by remaining continuously connected to your existing email, it delivers new messages within seconds, keeping you in touch instantly and discreetly, wherever you happen to be.

With BlackBerry your email finds you: there is no dialling in, no antenna to raise, no effort. As BlackBerry is also a phone, all your communications are managed with a single, small, integrated wireless device.

BlackBerry is a totally integrated package that includes hardware, software and service, providing a complete end-to-end solution through two options:

BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry Internet Service

The BlackBerry Internet Service is best suited to individual users or smaller organisations using web mail. Now you can enjoy the key benefits of this proven technology without the need for investment in a server or any other IT.

With monthly line rental at just 15.00 (irrespective of the quantity of email data transferred within the UK), remaining continuously connected to your email whilst on the move is finally affordable.


  • No server required

  • Suitable for individual users

  • Out of the box solution

  • Phone + email for work and life.


BlackBerry Enterprise Service

BlackBerry Enterprise Service

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and selected Lotus and GroupWise solutions, providing a wireless extension to your existing desktop email client with real-time over the air synchronisation.

This is ideal for corporate environments: IT departments get advanced security, centralised administration and a complete end-to-end solution, whilst a fixed monthly fee of from 25.00 (irrespective of the quantity of email data transferred within the UK) ensures your finance department will like it too: costs have never been so predictably low.

  • Real-time over the air synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks

  • Fully encrypted data communication

  • Scaleable - small business to enterprise  


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